Orthos III
Systémy pro přivolání pomoci s radiovým přenosem informací


ORTHOS III is a supervisory system used to control or prevent passage of persons through the monitored area. Zařízení plně podporuje GDPR.

ORTHOS III je určen pro pacienty s demencí a klienty s jiným příčinami snížené sebekontroly.

Technical specification

Description ORTHOS III

When passing through the monitored area selected persons wearing an identification chip activate the ORTHOS system, which transmits information to superior systems for their visualization.
The superior systems that visualize information transmitted from the ORTHOS system may be SIRIUS Pagers or SIRIUS monitoring panels.
The ORTHOS system in combination with superior systems can be generally used in places where it is necessary to monitor persons that move in premises of a building (entrances, passages, rooms, etc.), especially in old people’s homes, social care institutes, etc.

Main parts of the system

  • monitoring gateway
  • identification bracelets
  • SIRIUS portable pager

Main characteristics

  • fully wireless solution
  • rychlá instalace bez nutnosti instalací rozměrných bezpečnostních rámů
  • the possibility of additional system reconfiguration and expansion quick installation
  • adjustable range of monitoring gates
  • identification of multiple simultaneous escaping people
  • extending battery life in wristbands

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