Rádiový přijímač SRX10/080
Komunikační/přijímací moduly pro DPPC


Rádiový přijímač pro příjem informací z objektových vysílačů.

The SRX10/080 Radio receiver is used for receiving information from facility transmitters to the RADOM SECURITY centralized switchboard and the RADOM SECURITY FIRE switchboard or for receiving messages from a relay station or stations. The receiver always only receives on one frequency.

Technical specification

  • Power supply

    230V ±10%/ 50Hz/ max. 30 VA

    Back-up battery 12 V /7 Ah

  • Frequency band


  • Output

    RS232 (RS422) serial interface intended for connection to COM ports of the centralized security switchboard computer

    Distance of the wiring up to 15 m, or 1 km if the RS422 serial interface is used (for connection to a PC it is then necessary to use a converter with galvanic isolation)

  • Operating temperature range

    -5°C ÷ +55 °C

  • Dimensions (h,w,d)

    260 x 320 x 110mm

  • Coverage


Description SRX10/080

  • The receiver enables direct input to the RS 232 serial interface of a computer
  • The so-called remote variant / with RS 422 output / enables placement at a distance of up to 1 km from the actual computer (allows saving of a relay station or minimizing vf signal attenuation in the antenna lead)
  • One receiver can serve for receiving of multiple relay stations on the same frequency
  • The built-in modem enables simultaneous receipt of up to 8 different network numbers
  • Simple supplementary fitting with internal back-up power source

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