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RACAR Internet portal

RACAR is a web-based logistics and security application intended for displaying records regarding the operation of vehicles and their status on maps, even in text form.

The capability of “ON-LINE” operation of the application predetermines it for operational controlling of vehicles, regular checking on fulfillment of tasks and deliveries, verification of safe arrival at destination and further for the immediate solution of emergency situations arising in the course of vehicle operation.
Following prior authorization, it is possible to monitor vehicles in the Czech Republic and Europe from any computer with an Internet connection.

Technical specification

Description RACAR Internet portal

The RACAR Internet portal enables display of on-line information and carrying out of analysis of older records. This makes it an effective tool for controlling, checking and lowering costs for the operation of individual vehicles or entire vehicle fleets.

Basic Characteristics

  • Lowering of vehicle operation costs – operative solutions, checking of routes and stops
  • Unrestricted access to records on vehicles in real time and retrospectively
  • Possibility of delegating access to records to other entities (for example, the addressee of shipment)
  • Generating electronic mileage logs
  • Identification of costs for individual drivers using ID cards
  • Securing of vehicles using ID cards, preventing starting of a vehicle
  • Immediate communication regarding manipulation of the vehicle sent via SMS to a cell phone
  • Transmitting localization SMS for immediate overview of vehicle position or post theft navigation.
  • Possibility of connection to non-stop dispatching switchboard of centralized security (CSS)
  • Discount on accident insurance of up to 30%

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